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About Us

San Diego Hip-Hop Community Impact

Shots Fired is the premier rap battle league of San Diego, CA and the county’s first established rap battle league. Shots Fired’s Founders, K Philosophy and Gryffin, have been producing rap battles and miscellaneous Hip-Hop content since 2013, where they first began on University of California, San Diego campus. While maintaining an appreciation for the roots of rap battles and Hip-Hop music, Shots Fired has specialized in producing a capella, written rap battles, following the modern era format of emcee battle culture. In doing so, the league has generated a reach to distant areas such as Vancouver, Canada; Staten Island, NY; Las Vegas, NV; Phoenix, AZ; and the United Kingdom with not only YouTube releases but also Live Pay-Per-View and Video-on-Demand options.


Former University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Student Organization

Starting with the enrollment of UCSD students for rap battles as competitors, Shots Fired uploaded footage of its rap battles to YouTube, and within weeks, the city-sized population that occupied UCSD would rally its attention to the league’s content. Shortly after, residents of various cities within San Diego county would enjoy the content and reach out to involve themselves in the community. Shots Fired first built a¬†reputation within the rap battle subculture online by combining a roster of college students and unique San Diego natives, forming style clashes that developed an identity for the league’s content.


International Emcee Battle Culture

After a year, Shots Fired expanded its network beyond the San Diego area by connecting with other rap battle leagues, such as Orange County’s “The Riot Network” rap battle league. While continuing to create content within the college campus range, Shots Fired would also expand its talent’s reach by organizing its related artists in performing outside of the San Diego area. It was not too long before Shots Fired earned a spot within the Western Conference of emcee battle culture.

In 2016, Shots Fired moved its focus and occupation of UC San Diego and began to primarily hold its events throughout San Diego county, furthering its local network and expanding its fan base.

To this day, Shots Fired continues to help build San Diego artists’ brands with some appearing on Ultimate Rap Battle League (URL), King of the Dot (KOTD) and iBattleTV as well as worked with world-renowned artists such as Dizaster¬†(opponent of Cassidy Larsiny & Canibus), Marv Won (opponent of Eminem in “8 Mile”) and Mike G of Odd Future. With the leadership of Gryffin & K Philosophy along with the assistance of figures such as Rekrium, Max Taylor, and Boxcutta Maxx, Shots Fired continues to be San Diego’s premier rap battle producer.

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